A Memorial to My Husband

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Signs and Messages From Your Loved One

This is a topic I am a little reluctant to write about because some people may think that it is crazy. They make think the grieving person is out of touch with reality and ready for psychiatric help. This is not true, so do not worry about them.

Of course I am sure there are exceptions to this. If a grieving person you know is acting totally out of character, erratic in behavior and it seems as though they have lost total touch with reality or suicidal, then by all means step in and seek help for them.

If a grieving person tells you they have had signs or messages from their loved ones who have passed on, regardless of what your beliefs are, it is real to them. It can also be a way for them to deal with their loss. They want to keep the spirit of their loved ones close to them in whatever way they feel comfortable.

Unless you are a widow or a widower, you would never understand the peace that it brings to feel that your spouse is still right there with you in spirit watching over you and still letting you know they are there to guide you.

I am not ashamed to admit that since my husband has passed away, I have seen and felt his spirit with me still and I have seen signs that he is still here with me. I am not crazy, I am not losing my mind and I am not ready to be committed to an institution. I find great comfort in any kind of sign I see, feel or smell that reminds me he is still with me.

Some of the things that have happened in my home since I lost my dear husband cannot be explained in any other way. I choose to accept that these signs are from my loving husband and welcome them anytime he wants to make his presence known to me.

I have talked with many widows and widowers who have also had similar experiences. Some have told me of their grandchildren talking with their deceased spouse who would tell them things that there is no way the child would know unless the deceased was relaying a message through the child. It is believed that a child's mind is less cluttered than an adult mind and they are more open to contact with someone who is deceased.

The signs and messages that widows and widowers see, smell, hear and feel are very personal to us. Many, including myself may not want to even mention it to anyone for fear of being thought of as crazy or "losing it".

I am opening up a whole new world here with this topic but I want widows and widowers to know they are not alone in this. I am not talking about anything like mediums, spiritualists, voo-doo or seances; those topics are a whole different subject and meaning.

Okay, I will be brave here and tell you some of the things that have happened since my husband's passing that cannot be explained any other way:

* My husband and I had our cell phones programmed to play "our song" only when we called each other. A few times that I have had to make a tough decision and I did not know what to do, the phone has rang playing "our song" and has played at no other time.

* I woke up one night to find my husband's favorite blanket spread out over me. When I went to sleep the blanket was folded neatly and laying on the corner of the bed.

* My husband loved to play jokes on me and still does. Many times I will go to look for something and it has disappeared; to be found located somewhere else at a later time.

* His new LCD TV was one of his prized possessions. A few times I have been awakened to find the TV on that I absolutely was positive I had turned off before going to bed.

* I went to tell my husband's best friend of his passing. Later on he told me as he was sitting outside later that day thinking of his best friend being gone, a butterfly landed on his shoulder and sat there for a few minutes and then flew away.

* As we talked about this a few days later, we determined that at approximately the same time, I saw many, many butterflies fluttering around my husband's Jeep. I have seen a few butterflies since that time but not so many as I did at that one time.

There are many other things that have happened but I will not go any further in describing them. Judge me as "crazy" if you will but I believe he is still with me and watching over me.

I hope that you never have to go through the experience of losing a spouse but if you are ever in that position, be receptive to the fact that they can and sometimes will let their presence be known to you if you believe.

If you would like to share any of your experiences or stories, your comments are welcome. If you would rather not, I understand because it is a personal and touchy subject.

I invite you to visit ADC Stories if you are interested in other experiences of ADC (After Death Communication).


  1. Mona, I too have had signs. It only proves that there is life after death. A spiritual life. One that still shares in our daily life all the time. I for one get "these messages" all the time. I too have sensitivity to ESP as we used to call it and learned thru listening to other individuals how to spot them when they happen and thank God I have been given that special privledge to do it. My father comes to me in Gardenias, my mother and father in law, Cardinals. My hubby, music and much recently in my dreams. You go girl!

  2. I didn't believe in an afterlife. The love of my life passed away Feb 6th and just recently I've become supicious that someone is playing jokes on me, though I live alone and no one has been in the house. In the guest bathroom the towels on the towel rack appear in different positions every few days. I'm retired and inside the house 24 hours a day most days of the week. I never touch the towels in that bathroom unless some of the children come to visit, and that hasn't happened since the memorial services. The other thing is that, what I thought was just random thoughts about my wife seem to be more along the lines of communication with my wife, just like a two sided conversation. She has told me all kinds of interesting things. I still don't know what to make of it all. I'm pretty sure that I'm not crazy, at least not crazy with grief that would cause me to imagine these things. I'm old enough now though that I take most everything in stride and I'm not too worried about it one way or another. If it is legit, so be it. If it's my imagination, so what?

  3. I take any signs I can get that my dear husband is still with me. He used to play tricks on me and he still does. Lots of times things are moved or I can't find something and I know it has to be him letting me know he is still with me and watching over me.

    I think all of us can see some kind of signs from our loved ones if we are open minded enough to believe and I am.

    Thank you for the comments.

  4. The day of my daughters funeral a butterfly flew in the house, it was early in the day. We couldn't get it to go outside, I worried it would die in the house. We tried to catch it and put it outside and couldn't do it. After the funeral we had a reception at the house and everyone commented on the butterfly, it was there, just there. When everyone left I got my son to try again to get it outside, it flew into the front window. He went over to it and it landed on his finger! It stayed there until he got outside with it. That will always be my sign that she is ok. I don't usually believe in signs like that, but that was just too profound.

  5. OJDesigns: Thank you so much for sharing your experience with everyone. It seems to me that your daughter was very determined she was going to stay and let her presence be known and that she is okay.

  6. We have a bed that when you touch by headboard the light comes on, one night for no reason the light kept coming on, I would turn it off, and this happened like five times, I thought it was my husband telling me he made it and he is in peace. I told my brother-in-law but he said it was just a thing due to weather, but there was no storm or lightning. I still say my husband came to me. I have part of his ashes in a heart on the dresser. He died of diabetis complications but he was a US Navy veteran retired. He also left me a message on his computer that reads "Gone Home" which I found later.

  7. Anonymous: Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your brother in law just may not be receptive enough to believe that your husband is still with you. I, like you choose to believe that my husband comes to me all the time.

    Even coming close to 2 years since my dear husband left this earth, I still see and look for signs all of the time of him being with me. I still look for notes and things that I may have overlooked that he may have left for me also. It helps me cope and I'm sure it also does for you and a lot of other people. Take Care.